1 How could I do if I receive an incomplete order?

Please log in to your account or check the “Sales” e-mail to verify that all items on your order have been delivered. Then contact us to convey information on missing items through E-mail.

2 How could I do when items in my parcel arrived damaged?

In spite of careful inspection ahead of shipment or sound measures having been taken to protect our products, such occasions do happen sometimes. We will ship another product in good status to you if such an event happens.

3 What could I do if I receive wrong objects?

This is an extremely rare occurrence, but there is no need to worry. Simply sign to accept the delivery. Do not refuse the item. Contact us and we will provide a satisfying solution.

4 How to track my order?

Please enter the courier number provided by us on the website https://www.17track.net/en if you order is shipped through EMS; enter the courier number provided by us on the website https://www.dhl.com/en.html if you order is shipped through DHL.

5 Why should I pay VAT or extra taxes?

All products on the website exclude any tax and all of them will be shipped from China. In terms of international logistics, the Customs will impose VAT or tariffs (if any) on imported parcels. Such fees shall be borne by customers themselves.

6 What should I do if the size or color is not fit or suitable for me?

Please choose the fit size or choose a suitable color before you place an order. In general, we do not suggest customers to return or exchange products, because of long-term delivery and expensive postage.

7 Could I modify my order after place it?

Customer could modify the order before shipment. There is no doubt that all orders could not be changed after shipment.

8 Should I register an account?

Yes, we recommend customers to register accounts, so that they could track the order easily and get detailed information.

9 Is my order successful?

Only the “processing” status means your order is successful and we are processing it. “Pending” and “Canceled” status mean your order are not successful. Such occasions may incurred by payment failure.

10 How long could the parcel be delivered to me?

In general, we need 2-3 workdays to prepare goods for you. Then we will ship it to you after careful inspection. You’ll receive it within 20-40 calendar days (EMS) or 7-10 calendar days (DHL). We will ship g

11 Could I place an order during a holiday? When will my order be shipped if I placed it during a statutory holiday?

Customers could place orders in normal during holidays. We will ship orders according serial numbers one by one when we resume to work. Please be assured to place orders.

12 How to change my personal details?

Please log in your account and modify your private information.

13 Could I change my address after place an order?

We could modify the address before shipment; it could not be modified if it has been shipped. Expensive fees will be charged if you insist on modifying the delivery address after shipment.

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